"In God Have I Put My Trust"


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In God Have I Put My Trust: David is blinded by fear and running from Saul, although God is trying to get his attention. David flees to the King of Gath, where he takes Goliath's sword and acts like a mad man in the King's presence. Psalm 56 was written by David while running for fear of his life, and hiding in the Cave Adullam. Finally, he turns to God; "Even though I'm scared, I will grab hold of and lean on God". The circumstances have not changed but David shifts his focus onto God, the source of help. "You, God, have delivered my soul from death and thou hast kept my feet from slipping". The Eternal God is my refuge; and underneath bottomless are God's everlasting arms. Deuteronomy 33, 1 Samuel 21, Psalm 56. VF-0187 © Copyright 1980