Albrecht Dürer - The Apocalypse 2022 Calendar


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This wall calendar contains 12 woodcut images from Albrecht Durer's The Apocalypse.

2022 12 Month Calendar

12 Months, 13 sheets

Size: 8.5" by 11"

Ring bound


January: The Vision of the Seven Candlesticks

February: St. John Before God and the Elders

March: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

April: The Opening of the Fifth and Sixth Seals

May: The Four Angels Staying the Winds

June: The Seven Trumpets

July: St. John Devouring the Book

August: The Apocalyptic Woman

September: St. Michael Fighting the Dragon

October: The Beast with Four Horns Like a Lamb

November: The Adoration of the Lamb

December: The Keys to the Bottomless Pit


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